Join us on one of our fixed excursions. Weekly we depart to see one of our fantastic sightseeing destinations. These must sees are bookable upfront or on location.

Paradise Valley

Discover a different side to Morocco on our part-day trip to the beautiful valleys, just a 30-minute drive from Taghazout! Let us take you on an exotic adventure through the palm trees, rivers and waterfalls of Paradise Valley.

Enjoy a twenty-minute walk through tree-covered hillsides and across stepping-stones over rivers and streams on the way to pure paradise! With 300m sheer drops, small waterfalls, and an abundance of palm trees, the beauty of Paradise Valley will take your breath away. Slide down one of the natural waterslides and plunge yourself into pools of clear blue water from the rocks above. If you’re feeling particularly courageous there are 5, 10 and 15m cliff jumps!

On the return journey we will stop off at a local “Coopérative” where Berber women will show you how argan oil is made. You will also have the chance to sample and buy 100% pure argan oil, amlou (delicious peanut butter made with almonds, argan oil and honey), mint tea and various other medicinal and cosmetic products – perfect gifts for loved ones!

This best time for this amazing trip is from December till May/June.

Price: 15 euro


Prepare yourself for a magical day of culture, sightseeing and shopping! The day will be spent exploring the bustling main square, Place Djemaa el-Fna, with its many attractions such as snake charmers, monkey handlers, acrobats, musicians, henna artists and market stalls selling freshly squeezed orange juice and confectionery.

Your adventure will continue as you test out your bargaining skills and lose yourself in the labyrinth of never-ending souks, where you will find clothing, slippers, jewellery, spices, carpets, leather bags and belts, pottery, woodwork, waterpipes and musical instruments!

Be taken back in time and explore the historic workshops dedicated to carpentry, leather ware and metalwork. Traditional methods are still used to this day and workers hammer away at hot metal shaping it into everyday items such as lanterns, furniture and teapots.

Discover the incredible Moorish architecture of the Koutoubia Mosque, the zellij tilework within the Bahia Palace and the exquisite carved plaster and engraved wooden lintels that decorate the Ben Youssef Medersa. Visit one of the city’s museums or art galleries, or take a leisurely stroll in the stunning Marjorelle Gardens.

Try out some traditional Moroccan cuisine or simply enjoy a refreshing mint tea on one of the rooftop terraces while taking in the fantastic view of the beautiful and inspiring Red City.

Price: 35 euro

Essaouira daytrip

Enjoy a three-hour drive through vast dry planes, argan plantations and nesting tree-goats on the way to the fortress and relaxed seaside resort that was once a haven for pirates! Essaouira is a quintessentially Moroccan town and is considered one of the most attractive places along Morocco’s Atlantic coast. The fortress was originally built by the King of Portugal in 1506 and consists of an amazing mixture of Portuguese and Berber military architecture.
Explore the streets within the Medina and try your hand at bargaining in the souks, where you will find an abundance of spices, slippers, carpets, woodwork, jewellery, silverware, pottery and artwork, as well as second-hand and collectable items. Essaouira is home to Morocco’s best marquetry craftsmen who devote their time to cedar and thuya wood carving. Visit one of the carpentry workshops where artistically skilled men use all their ingenuity and imagination to produce novel shapes and pieces of furniture inlaid with different coloured woods and mother of pearl.

The town was once one of Morocco’s largest sardine ports and it still has its traditional shipyard. Take a stroll around the fortified harbour, see boats being constructed and experience the daily fish auction. If that gets your taste buds going, why not sample some freshly grilled seafood at one of the many stalls adjacent to the main square. Simply delicious!

Price: 30 euro


The Hammam is a Moroccan tradition inherited from the Roman baths. These bath houses were the centre of all social life and a place to relax, revitalising the body and mind. Visiting the hammam is a fully enjoyable, very ethical and therapeutic experience. It is particularly recommended after muscular activity. It provides intense relaxation that will relax your muscles and relieve aches and stiffness. It will also leave your skin feeling renewed and as soft as a baby.
Our local hammam is in Aourir – just a 10 minute drive away. It is a traditional “double” hammam (one side for men and the other for women). You’ll be there for approximately 1 hour. You’ll be provided with black olive soap, a bucket and a bowl. Either bikini bottoms, swim shorts or underwear should be worn – strictly no nudity in the men’s side of the hammam.
You enter a tiled room where the air is very hot and humid. Find a place to sit, make yourself comfortable and relax. This is the “sweating out the impurities” part of the experience. The steam allows your pores to dilate. By sweating, your body filters out all the toxins for a very thorough deep clean. The heat allows muscle tension to ease away, thus enabling you to relax. Once you have finished perspiring take your bucket over to the taps and fill it up with hot water, then bath yourself using the bowl provided to rinse off any “impurities”. A key step in exfoliating all impurities is a body scrub using black olive soap and a coarse glove. The attendant will scrub you from shoulders to toes, or if you prefer you can scrub yourself, or you and a friend scrub each other. Your treatment will finish by a soothing massage from the attendant. The result: your body is purified and relaxed, and you’ll leave with the softest skin you’ve ever had!

Price: 12 euro 

Horse Riding

A pleasant countryside tour through the area of Tamraght and Taghazout. Experienced riders will guide you on horseback on the most pure and exhilarating ride of your life! Following tracks through the picturesque hills and galloping on sandy beaches while enjoying the magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Price: 30 euro

Off-road tour

Discover the incredible diversity of Morocco’s countryside during an off-road tour on quad bikes and in dirt cars. The one-hour guided tour will take you through the hills and coastal area of Taghazout and Tamraght. The Half-Day tour also includes a visit to an ancient Kasbah, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy mint tea and Moroccan cakes with the local Berber people. This is a definite one for adventure-seekers and those who don’t mind getting a little bit dirty!

Price: 40 euro